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Rainer Staudenmaier, M.D., Prof.
Board certified physician
for Otolaryngology-plastic Surgery-allergology
Susanne Staudenmaier, M.D.
Board certified physician
for Otolaryngology

News/ puplications

7th Septorhinoplasty and Facial Plastic C.Course in Newcastle, UK, June 18th 2014 - June 20th 2014

Prof. M.D. Staudenmaier will be speaker at the 7th Septorhinoplasty and Facial Plastic C.Course in Newcastle, UK, June 18th 2014 - June 20th 2014, lecturing on these 3 topics:

  • surgical maneouvers to correct malformations ranging from protruding ears to microtia.
  • Open versus closed approach for septorhinoplasty
  • Prof. M.D. Staudenmaier's Nose-Modelling Procedure avoiding osteotomy

Magazine article »Das Haus der Ideen« as pdf download (German)

pdf download

Prof. M.D. Rainer Staudenmaier's oral presentation:

antihelical fold plastic surgery - initial present state analysis and surgery concepts.

Location: Sheraton Arabella Park Hotel, Saal Cuvillies, 11.30 am, October 19th, 2013

Newspaper article Muenchner Merkur:

surgery to reduce sleep preventing noise in the bedroom, June 3rd, 2013
Medical editorial of the Muenchner Merkur, (089)5306425,
Telefax: (089)53068661

Newspaper article Muenchner Merkur

> download article as pdf (German)

Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel- Research Award for Hoang Nguyen The in 2011

Supported by Prof. M.D. Rainer Staudenmaier, Prof. Hoang Nguyen was nominated for the 45 000.- Euro Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation and received it for his extraordinary scientific achievements in the field of microsurgery and tissue pre-fabrication as well as achievements in the field of tissue engineering.
more information can be found at: (German)

Heat team physician for EHC REd Bull Muenchen

Prof. M.D. Staudenmaier heads the medical ENT department of the EHC Red Bull Muenchen first league ice hockey team.
EHC Red Bull Muenchen can be found on the web at:

Prof. M.D. Rainer Staudenmaier's office video

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