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Rainer Staudenmaier, M.D., Prof.
Board certified physician
for Otolaryngology-plastic Surgery-allergology
Susanne Staudenmaier, M.D.
Board certified physician
for Otolaryngology

a stitch in time saves nine - why prevention is so important

Health promotion and disease prevention plays a very important role in our extensive treatment concept: we want to do our share to ensure a good health status for you. Medical exams designed to minimize the risk of diseases will keep your vitality alive. The earlier health problems can be diagnosed the better the treatment chances are.

It is never to early for extensive ENT screening: we offer specially designed hearing ability screenings for newborns right after they are born. Furthermore we keep track of the speech development process of your child. Adults have an annual checkup at our office that includes screening of the senses: hearing, tasting and smelling. Our customers also trust us with cancer screening. We offer special prevention programs and screenings for high risk customers, such as singers, professional voice users, smokers etc.

Preventive care for hearing

Regular hearing screening is so important because loss of hearing can be a silent process with the patient being unaware of the need for treatment - that is why we recommend annual screening. This easy and unchallenging screening process is not just for seniors. Ever more younger adults face different degrees of hearing loss caused for example by loud music or the constant use of headphones. The earlier we can diagnose any degree of impaired hearing or hearing loss the better we can treat it.


If you sometimes experience dizziness you shouldn't lightheartedly put this aside as a minor issue. Serious illnesses can be behind that symptom maybe being caused by a malfunction of the vestibular apparatus located inside the ear. We focus on finding the source of that health issue using precise diagnostic procedures and by developing an individual treatment plan for you.

abnormal sense of taste/ irritations of sense of taste

With progressing age abnormal sense of taste happens more frequently, but it can also be caused by various illnesses. To keep your sensory system of taste intact we emphasize on regular screening intervals to keep them healthy and working. Should you experience difficulties smelling right or tasting right, please let us know.

cancer prevention

Regular screening intervals of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, nose and ear are the most effective weapon fighting the growing number of cancer cases in otolaryngology. Tumors in the head or neck area tend to be painful only in very late stages of cancer development. Chances for healing head or neck cancer are very good in many cases when diagnosed at an early stage. We do various cancer screenings available today. You also can aid a lot by using the simple means of cancer screening and by eating a balanced and healthy diet to prevent neck and head tumors - use our consultation competence - we are her for you.