Otolaryngology / ENT - HNO Praxis im Zentrum EN

Rainer Staudenmaier, M.D., Prof.
Board certified physician
for Otolaryngology-plastic Surgery-allergology
Susanne Staudenmaier, M.D.
Board certified physician
for Otolaryngology

Otolaryngology /ENT

  • endoscopic screening of the sinuses
  • ultrasonic screening of the sinuses and the soft parts of the throat
  • diagnostic hearing evaluation and supply of hearing aids
  • balance and dizziness (vestibular) testing and treatments for balance and dizziness issues
  • stationary or in-patient screening for snoring related issues
  • screening for swallowing issues
  • allergy screening
  • voice and speech assessment
  • preventive care

preventive care - diagnosis - treatment: our three step approach will make you feel well taken care of

Our modern office will prove to be a reliable facility to take care of all of your head and neck related issues. Whether it be tonsillitis, a cold, ear pain or infections of the upper respiratory tract. We diagnose hearing problems, do allergy screenings and offer diagnosis and treatment with tinnitus pain or dizziness issues. We use cutting-edge screening and diagnosis methods to identify illnesses and malfunctions and offer prompt individual treatment options. We refer you to specialists of other adjacent medical fields that have the same quality and medical attitude as we do, if we see a need for that and need their opinion or help.