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Rainer Staudenmaier, M.D., Prof.
Board certified physician
for Otolaryngology-plastic Surgery-allergology
Susanne Staudenmaier, M.D.
Board certified physician
for Otolaryngology

Post-op care

Rhinoplasty with Prof.M.D. Rainer Staudenmaier

The final result of rhinoplasty depends very much on appropriate post-op care. The most important aspects and steps will be explained here.

As your reliable rhinoplasty specialist I will always have an open ear for you during post-op care

Rhinoplasty is a considerable medical intervention that requires an adequate long-term recovery period. Very rarely my patients complain about pain after rhinoplasty. Light bleeding, hematoma and temporary sensual irritations are a normal part of rhinoplasty recovery. Your help is needed for speedy recovery: I will inform you on time about recommended patient behavior after rhinoplasty. Should problems arise you will always be able to contact me.

Your first days after rhinoplasty

After surgery you will stay at the clinic. The length of the stay at the clinic depends on the rhinoplasty manoeuvers
which were performed for you. Complicated rhinoplasty procedures such as the correction of a deviated septum or sinus surgery usually require a five day stay at the clinic. Nose tip surgery doesn't require a splint, it is a procedure that sometimes even can be performed as an ambulant procedure.

Post-op care at our office after hospital discharge

After hospital discharge I will check on your healing process 3 times per week. In week two you will stop by our office two times for your healing process check up. In the upcoming three months the check-up appointments for your healing process will happen in prolonged intervals.

If you are located further away from Munich we will arrange for individual post-op checks at our office that will fit your personal agenda. About 7 to 10 days after rhinoplasty you will have a post-op appointment in Munich during which I will remove the external splint and possibly some internal splints as well. A second post-op care appointment at my office will be scheduled approximately 3 months after surgery. During that period of time close phone contact will make sure that possible questions in respect to your healing process will be answered and should there be a need for counseling due to occurring discomforts you will always be able to reach me.

It can take up to 3 months for rhinoplasty results to show. Final results from rhinoplasty will usually show after one year, that is how long it usually takes until the nose is fully healed.

Sometimes revision rhinoplasty is necessary

Unique cases sometimes demand more than one rhinoplasty surgery procedure to achieve the desired result of an aesthetically pleasing and well balanced face. When the nose has great deformity or quite a few nose parameters need to be adjusted the first rhinoplasty will improve cosmetic appearance considerably - but to achieve the perfect result a second rhinoplasty surgery will be necessary. During initial consultation I will explain to you how many rhinoplasty surgeries will be needed to realize your desired result.

Sometimes a second rhinoplasty surgery is necessary because the result of the first rhinoplasty didn't meet the expectations. The reason for that being that rhinoplasty is a technically very complicated procedure and the result after rhinoplasty or nose tip surgery includes variables during the healing process that are out of my hands. That is why now and then irregularities, deviations, scars, deformities or discolorations - sometimes quite some time after initial rhinoplasty - are reason that a second rhinoplasty is needed. Being a specialist for aesthetic functional rhinoplasty for more than 20 years I was allowed to gather extensive experience and great routine in rhinoplasty surgery techniques. Originating from my extensive experience I can state that revision surgery is necessary in only 10 - 15 % of all cases.