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Rainer Staudenmaier, M.D., Prof.
Board certified physician
for Otolaryngology-plastic Surgery-allergology
Susanne Staudenmaier, M.D.
Board certified physician
for Otolaryngology

Rhinoplasty in Munich

Rhinoplasty in Munich
Prof. M.D. Rainer Staudenmaier specializes in cosmetic functional rhinoplasty

Prof. M.D. Rainer Staudenmaier, rhinoplasty specialist in Munich, treats various deformities of the nose via surgery. You will benefit from his surgical experience out of more than 3000 rhinoplasties.

Our goal is to offer you improved well-being by the means of rhinoplasty

Do you wish for a nose that enhances facial harmony? Do you want to gain new self-confidence by seeing your reflection in the mirror? Rhinoplasty surgery is a way to improved well-being for people with obvious nose deformities. These medical interventions are a challenge even for experienced specialists - because the reconstruction of the nose is a very individual, delicate and surgically challenging procedure. Many years ago I started to focus on facial cosmetic functional rhinoplasty and I would love to inform you about the possibilities and limitations of rhinoplasty surgery.

Distinct deformities of the nose can be corrected with very good chances of a permanent and good result by using today‘s advanced and gentle surgery techniques. As rhinoplasty specialist in Munich I offer my customers all of the experience and expertise I gathered from more than 3000 surgical procedures of the nose. I can improve nose form and function even when complex and difficult medical evidence is presented. For more than 20 years I have been doing correction procedures and surgery such as:

  • noses with a hump at the bridge
  • long noses
  • asymmetric noses and noses with deviation
  • wide noses
  • noses with depression at the bridge
  • nasal tip corrections

But rhinoplasty is a lot more:
for example your nasal breathing

A person thinking about rhinoplasty usually is mainly concerned with an improved, more beautiful appearance. I have to go further: cosmetic appearance and functional results are just as important to me while performing rhinoplasty. After rhinoplasty in Munich your nose is not only supposed to perfectly fit your appearance and your face. My commitment is also to keep or improve your nasal breathing after rhinoplasty - because good nasal breathing equals good quality of life.

Being a specialist in rhinoplasty I follow a comprehensive approach with my patients

Rhinoplasty has vast consequences on the self image, the appearance, the self-confidence and the well-being of the patient. That is why comprehensive patient care is of great importance to me as a specialist in this field. Extensive counseling, professional pre-op appointments and pre-op exams in Munich, the cosmetic realization of your expectations for your rhinoplasty as well as careful post-op care in my office will make you realize that you are
in very good hands.